Software & Hardware


Software development is our daily bread. We develop modern and reliable at the highest quality level. With our process model, we ensure a smooth development process that takes agile methods into account. Thanks to our comprehensive support, you will receive a professional and CI/CD-compliant implementation of your projects.

We accompany you through all phases of the software development lifecycle, from requirements analysis and conception to implementation and maintenance.

Whether backend, frontend, or control software in a microcontroller, we speak digitally and translate your requirements into efficient, secure and high-quality programs.


Of course, we also help you with the selection and commissioning of suitable hardware, from the microcontroller to the AI server architecture.

If a specific sensor or actuator does not exist for your application, we develop and produce it according to your specifications – from circuit development and PCB design to housing production with FDM processes.

Artificial Intelligence

With an academic background and robust systems engineering methodology, we use the latest research results and the right tools to shape the future.

We create sustainable values through the innovation-driven commercialization of academic knowledge through proven processes and seamless integration into existing solutions.

Through consulting, training and implementation, we help you to meet the decisive challenges of our time using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation refers to the automation of repetitive, predictable work processes.

Some examples of this are
〉Automated data processing across different applications
〉Automatic report generation
〉Shift Planning
〉Machine setup

Computer Vision & Robotics

The automatic analysis of data from camera, ToF/3D, laser or X-ray sensors can be used in the following applications, among others:

〉Defect and anomaly detection of parts and products,
〉precise non-contact measurements,
〉object detection in video,
〉monitoring and intrusion detection,
〉landmark detection and localization for autonomous driving and robotics

We combine the latest advances in computer vision and machine learning research with proven systems engineering principles to achieve the best possible results.