A reliable and modern utilization forecast, to be able to plan visits even better.

We offer you real-time API retrieval of your utilization data and forecasts or the simple integration of pre-generated visualizations.

Utilization detected by sensors or check-ins is transmitted via our well-documented API.

Strong authentication and HTTPS encryption ensure your data stays secure.

Our AI system stores and processes your data and is therefore able to predict the expected utilization at any given time.

Current and predicted utilization can be retrieved and displayed as textual data or automatically generated visualizations. A detailed dashboard gives you, the client, access to other important information.

Live demo

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Together we can not only offer your customers a static insight into the current utilization, but much more: a reliable utilization information system based on the latest methods of artificial intelligence.

A powerful forecast not only unfolds its added value for customers by taking past workloads into account, but also adaptively includes public holidays, weather, training and courses as well as individual training plans in the forecast. On top of that, it can be individually adapted and integrated into existing systems (website, business intelligence (BI) systems, etc.) as required.

We would be happy to present our solution GAINS – General Utilization Information System – to you personally – according to your wishes in a short pitch or in detail in a longer appointment. Feel free to contact us by phone (0176 800 950 26) or email ( if you have any questions or to make an appointment.