The most comprehensive database
containing Camera2 API capabilities

Android camera capabilities

At, we implemented an interface to sort, search and view the Camera2 capabilities of currently over 30.000 Android devices.

Basic Infos

With Camera2Probe Database, you can easily access information such as the modelmanufacturerbuild and SDK version, as well as the App version.
For every camera (back-/front-facing) detected on your device, you can find out the

  • support level,
  • raw support,
  • and Camera2 details

From camera type (logical, physical, or physically unsupported) to parent-camera information and facing direction, we’ve got you covered.

Advanced Infos

And that’s just the beginning. Our Advanced Camera2 information service takes it up a notch. You’ll have access to a range of valuable options for each camera, including

  • exposure, focus, whitebalance,
  • focal length, zoom levels,
  • stabilization modes,
  • intrinsic parameters and distortion coefficients.

This level of detail will give you the insight you need to fine-tune your device’s camera settings and capture the perfect shots.

About the Camera2Probe App

People that are interested in the capabilities of their Android cellphones Camera2-capabilities install the app from the store, and can share their results directly with our server, as well as with other apps.

Get the app

You can get the app directly from the google playstore (, or scan the QR-code :